Take a Walk on the Wild Side with a Zebra Cowhide

A zebra print cowhide rug is the perfect accent piece to enliven a living room, dining room, or bedroom. It brings the feeling of nature into your home. The black-and-white stripes harmonize with many different color schemes.

When you buy a zebra print cowhide rug from City Cows, you can be assured that no zebras were harmed in the making of your beautiful rug. That’s because City Cow’s zebra prints are not made from actual zebra skin. The zebra print designs are stenciled into cowhide rugs. Because of the outstanding craftsmanship of these zebra cowhide rugs, the stencil work fools the eye and makes the rugs look as if they were made from real zebra skins. However, you know the secret.

Cowhide is an exceptional material for rugs. It is strong and long-lasting. A zebra cowhide rug will look beautiful after years of heavy foot traffic. Cowhide is also hypo-allergenic, so it’s a great choice if anyone in your family has any allergies or sensitivities.

The dramatic look of a zebra cow hide rug works well with all types of decor, but there are certain patterns and colors that are especially beautiful complements for the rug:

Black-and-White Rooms

Zebra cowhide rugs are perfect for rooms that have white walls and furniture and accents that are mostly black or white. The black-and-white stripes of the rug pull the entire look of the room together. These rooms have a big-city vibe and an aura of sophistication.

Red or Hot-Pink Accents

A strong, vibrant red or a deep hot pink look stunning when placed near the black-and-white stripes of a zebra cow hide rug. These colors could be used in accent pieces such as throw pillows, picture frames, vases, or the trim that runs along a wall. For an even bolder look, you could have larger pieces in red or hot pink, such as a chair, a sofa, a large wall hanging or painting, or even a ceiling. Gold or bright yellow also pairs well with zebra prints.


Checked patterns are an unusual but pleasing complement to zebra print rugs. Try a chair with a checked pattern, either in black and white or in contrasting colors.

Layers of Texture

Zebra cowhide rugs can be placed directly on the bare floor or on top of a large area rug. The contrast in colors or textures between the rug and the surface underneath it produces a variety of pleasing effects. The zebra cow hide rugs look especially nice on polished or rustic wood floors, black or white floors, and area rugs in a neutral color. The different appearances of cowhide, wool, and wood create interesting layers of textures.